Thursday, November 13, 2008

DR 1

Regular readers of this blog, all three of you, know that I occasionally ponder what would happen if I got into any kind of trouble when I'm out sailing my Laser alone on Narragansett Bay and local waters...

Greg, a regular commenter on this blog, found out the hard way what can happen when you take your kids out for a Saturday morning sail on the local river and have an unexpected capsize. A fisherman who saw the incident made a quick 911 call, and before Greg could right the boat at least five Fire Department vehicles, the County Sheriff Water Patrol, a mobile Air Command Center, and two Fire Department Swimmers on a jet-ski were on the scene.

Read the full story at One Step Back.

Yikes. I wonder if the Rhode Island emergency response would be as good?


Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

I wish it was like that out our way for me! I don't go out alone around here, simply because there'd be no-one around if there was trouble!

Lucky guy, and a good story! Over-reaction by the Emergency Services, perhaps, tho i'd love to know what the caller actually told them, to make them come en-mass! hahahahaa.

Mal :)

Tillerman said...

Sounds like the fisherman who called 911 didn't realize that Greg was under his upturned hull readying the rig for a capsize recovery, so he just assumed that he was missing and in major trouble. Better safe than sorry I suppose.

Pat said...

Out here the response would probably be good once someone realized there was a problem -- but until then, if you were really in trouble, you might be treading water for a few hours.

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