Tuesday, November 25, 2008



Continuing the new theme of this blog... no more crap about Laser sailing in the cold, it's all about pirates from now on... it seems that the story about the Indian Navy firing on and sinking a "pirate mother ship" a few days ago may have been slightly exaggerated. Apparently, according to the latest reports, what really happened was that the boat sunk by the INS Tabar was actually a Thai trawler that had just been taken over by pirates.


But it raises the question of when is a ship a pirate ship. If it's in the control of pirates, and there are scary-looking dudes wandering around the deck with RPG launchers, and said scary-looking dudes fire at a naval vessel that challenges them...

Of course Mr. Sirichaiekawat who owned the trawler and the families of the sailors on the trawler, most of whom are now missing or dead, might not see things quite that way.

What a mess.

Meanwhile the Germans are sending 1400 troops to somehow help with the problem.

So now we have several navies, some privateers, and the German army all cruising around off East Africa looking for something to shoot at.

Hmmm. Anyone see any potential problems here?


Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

I forsee more big explosions...

It's not bloody good, is it?

Tim Coleman said...

Wow! How much more prophetic can you get?

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