Saturday, July 18, 2009


Son#2 likes fishing.

Son#1 likes poking his camera or his mobile phone in your face when you are doing something photogenic. He must have lots of shots of me scowling at him.

Son#1 and Son#2 are out fishing today on a boat on Long Island Sound with some of son#2's buddies as part of son#2's bachelor party weekend.

Thanks to the technological wonders of the Blackberry, the Interwebs and Facebook, not to mention son#1's aforementioned annoying habit, here is a shot of son#2 fishing today.

Special thanks for making this possible to John McCain, Al Gore and Pete Cashmore,


That one girl said...

Did he catch anything?

Tillerman said...

No idea. John McCain's invention hasn't reported in on that question yet.

jbushkey said...

Maybe, since it was a bachelor party, he was fishing the way my dad did while in the coast guard.

Step 1 tie a big weight to the line.

Step 2 Cast weight out into the water.

Step 3 Relax and enjoy adult beverage of your choice while not being bothered by any pesky fish.


Tillerman said...

I'm waiting to hear a full account of the "fishing trip" but the photographic evidence supplied so far via the technical miracles devised by Messsrs Mccain, Gore and Cashmore is conflicting on the question raised by jbushkey.

On the one hand I do see that alcoholic beverages were being consumed by at least one member of the party.

On the other hand at least one member of the group caught some ginormous ugly inedible-looking fish.

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