Wednesday, July 01, 2009

This Summer I Went Swimming

It is raining again this morning but I'm running out of rain song videos. Also tugster has declared today July 1st to be Swim Day. He wants you all to join him in blogging about swimming today. So now I need to support tugster and write a post about swimming...

Just by chance I did go swimming yesterday. It was actually quite a coincidence because I can't remember the last time I went swimming on purpose, as opposed to falling off my Laser, or capsizing my Laser, or otherwise generally making a fool of myself on a Laser. There was the time I went swimming when it was my big chance to shine, the time I went swimming three times before dinner, and, perhaps best of all, the time I went swimming with a rope round my neck. Oh yes, this blog is full of stories about Tillerman's unintentional swims.

But yesterday was different. It was an intentional swim. After a thrilling morning at the Rhode Island Department of Motor Vehicles waiting for two hours to enact a transaction that took all of thirty seconds, I emerged around lunchtime and realized that something strange was going on with the weather. It wasn't raining. It wasn't drizzling. It wasn't even foggy. It was actually sunny. Yikes.

So Tillerwoman and I jumped in the car, enjoyed a leisurely lunch of chowder and clams and lobster sandwiches sitting by the water at Evelyn's Drive-In, and then spent the afternoon on Goosewing Beach in Little Compton where I appreciated the rare (for me) pleasure of a long relaxing swim in the ocean. On the way home we stopped by at Peckham's Greenhouse to pick up a few more plants for the garden. Tiverton and Little Compton were looking their best in the unseasonal summer sunshine. All in all a perfect Rhody day... apart from that DMV experience.

Did I mention that it's raining again today? But I can say that this summer I went swimming...

This summer I went swimming,
This summer I might have drowned
But I held my breath and I kicked my feet
And I moved my arms around, I moved my arms around.

This summer I swam in the ocean,
And I swam in a swimming pool,
Salt my wounds, chlorine my eyes,
I'm a self-destructive fool, a self-destructive fool.

This summer I did the backstroke
And you know that's not all
I did the breast stroke and the butterfly
And the old Australian crawl, the old Australian crawl.

This summer I swam in a public place
And a reservoir, to boot,
At the latter I was informal,
At the former I wore my suit, I wore my swimming suit.

This summer I did swan dives
And jackknifes for you all
And once when you weren't looking
I did a cannonball, I did a cannonball.

If you need further instructions on how to enjoy Swim Day then check out Bowsprite's post on How To Swim From a Schooner.

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