Wednesday, July 15, 2009

50 Great Things To Do In And Around Tiverton Rhode Island

Dear D.,

Good to see you at that regatta last week. Hope you know I was serious about that invitation for you and your lovely wife to come and stay with us in Rhode Island for a while. You and I can go Lasering a different place every day during the week and then we can do a regatta somewhere nearby at the weekend.

But I understand that (like me) you prefer to travel to sailing venues where your wife can find something interesting to do during the day while you are sailing. So here are few ideas off the top of my head for things to do around here. My blogging friend Carol Anne says that I should tell you about the "offbeat" activities, not the stuff that is on the radar of the average tourist. Well, I've done a bit of both, so I hope your wife will find something on this list that appeals to her.

Look forward to seeing you soon.


  1. Sin and Flesh

  2. Do the Cliff Walk

  3. Have dinner at 22B

  4. Experience WaterFire

  5. Visit the Newport Mansions

  6. Stop at the sign of the lemon

  7. Enjoy an ice-cream at Gray's

  8. Catch a play at the Trinity Rep

  9. Drive the Coastal Villages Trail

  10. Tour the gardens at Blithewold

  11. Take lunch at Evelyn's Drive-In

  12. Go for a walk in Weetamoo Woods

  13. Tour a battleship at Battleship Cove

  14. Check out the Buzzards Bay Brewery

  15. Fly a kite at Brenton Point State Park

  16. Go surfing at Easton Beach in Newport

  17. Watch international polo in Portsmouth

  18. Go for a stroll around Mount Hope Farm

  19. Have a picnic at the Sakonnet Vineyards

  20. Pick your own fruit at Sweet Berry Farm

  21. See the butterflies at the Butterfly Farm

  22. Explore a fort at Fort Wetherill State Park

  23. Try Standup Paddleboarding at Third Beach

  24. Take a day trip on the ferry to Block Island

  25. Run, walk or bike on the East Bay Bike Path

  26. Take the kids go-karting at Seekonk Grand Prix

  27. Go kayaking with Osprey Sea Kayak Adventures

  28. Have an Italian meal on Providence's Federal Hill

  29. Be amazed by the Green Animals Topiary Garden

  30. Visit a museum dedicated to our local axe murderer

  31. Go birdwatching at the Emilie Ruecker Wildlife Refuge

  32. Visit the Rhode Island Red Commemorative Monument

  33. Have breakfast at the Bayside Restaurant in Westport

  34. Take the kids swimming at Newport's Gooseberry Beach

  35. Take a cruise around 10 lighthouses in Narragansett Bay

  36. See the proof that the Chinese discovered America before Columbus

  37. Take a windswept walk for miles and miles on Horseneck Beach

  38. Shop for pottery, antiques, toys, cheese, whatever at Tiverton Four Corners

  39. Drink wine and listen to live music on a Friday night at the Westport Rivers Winery

  40. Take a tour of Newport Harbor on Rum Runner II a prohibition-era smuggler's boat

  41. Go to Hartley's Original Pork Pies in Fall River to buy the best English-style pork pies in America

  42. Learn about the history of the American whaling industry at the New Bedford Whaling Museum

  43. Watch a minor league baseball game in Pawtucket -- yeah I know it's only the Red Sox but that's all we have

  44. Does your wife play golf? I know nothing about golf -- but just in case that is her thing, here is a list of the Best 25 Rhode Island Golf Courses

  45. I don't know why anyone would come to Rhode Island to go mall shopping but if that's your wife's thing then she will enjoy Providence Place Mall

  46. Check out the colonial garden at the Pardon Gray Preserve -- the corn is Tillerwoman's project so be careful what you say about it over dinner

  47. If you come next week I will see if we can get you tickets so we can all go and see Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson and John Mellenkamp at McCoy Stadium

  48. Or if you come for the July 4th weekend we can go and watch the parade in Bristol, the oldest continuous celebration of its kind in the United States!

  49. If you feel inclined to buy your hostess a thank-you gift then you couldn't do better than to buy a plant for the garden from Tillerwoman's favorite nursery, Peckham's Greenhouse in Little Compton

  50. Whatever our wives find to do around here and wherever we go sailing, at the end of the day we can all meet at the absolutely best place to be and for the best thing to do: our deck for cocktails and a bottle or two of wine, and watching the sun set over Mount Hope Bay. Cheers mate!

Posted in response to Carol Anne's writing project:
Getting the spouse to come along.


Anonymous said...

(3) If in Newport, we almost always end up at Salas'.

(4) Been there, with wife and the sisters-in-law

(6) Used to have a Del's at the end of our street when we lived in Providence (30+ yrs ago)

(9) Our coastal trail was Wakefield to Bonnet Shores to Wickford to Quonset to E. Greenwich to Cowesset to Apponaug (from URI to the Sisters-in-law)

(ll) Evelyn's--yum AND it's on the way to (19)

(13) We've got a bigger battleship closer (the Wisconsin is in Norfolk)

(19) Haven't picnicked, but resupply each time we're up (MD doesn't allow retail wine shipments from out of state)

(24) That, and sailing a cruising boat there is fun too

(28) Or every third street corner in Providence (how we miss that down here)

(35) Next time we cruise up there (maybe next summer), that's on my wife's agenda

(38) But of course--it's on the way to Sakonnet Vineyards

(41) New to me, we'll probably add pies to our haul of chourico and linguica that we bring back

(48) Been there, about 35 4-th's ago

(50) Don't live on the water, but from my slip can watch the sun set over a power plant

Steve in Baltimore
(whose wife likes the boat)

Carol Anne said...

Wow. As if I haven't wanted to do #50 since you first put that photo on your blog many moons ago, now I really want to get to Rhode Island.

Tillerman said...

I was amazed how easy it was to write that list. Most of those things we have done in our first couple of years here, or plan to do very soon. I could have listed many more restaurants, beaches, nature reserves, places for walks, wineries... this was just a sample. And pretty much everything on the list is within 20 miles or so of our house...

Rhode Island rocks!

Pat said...

And we drive 160 miles just to get to our boat. sigh...

Dewight said...

This list is just what we needed. I'll be in Tiverton week after next and my wife and I were looking for things to do. Anybody need crew?

Brian said...

If you're at Sweet Berry Farms (and if you're close, you should be), get the ice cream (not the soft serve, the homemade stuff in the freezers). Best I've ever had! Seriously! And I like my ice cream! A LOT!

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