Friday, July 03, 2009

Reviews What I Have Writ

This month's group writing project (which was launched yesterday) is Write a Review. If you're still casting around for inspiration, here are a few reviews that have appeared on Proper Course over the years.

Advanced Laser Boat Handling DVD - "
Don't tell Ari but I would probably have paid even more for it; it's that good."

UK-Halsey Racing Rules Quiz Program -
"Will also teach a thing or two to arrogant bastards like me who think they know it all."

- "What can I say? It works exactly as advertised. No problems whatsoever."

Intensity Sails Tyvek Regatta Deck Cover for Laser Sailboats - "If Jim would just treat the cover with a marsupial repellent I would give it 100 out of 100."

Sailfit Laser Sailing Seminar -
"When do we break for lunch? Never, apparently."

Evelyn's Drive-In
- "A clam sandwich and a local brew sitting by the water. What could be better on a hot, humid summer day?"

Intensity Sails Gription Hiking Strap - "Scientific tests have shown that Lasers with the Intensity Sails Gription Hiking Strap are on average 0.38 of a knot faster than other Lasers."

NRS Hydroskin G2 Socks
- "Some serious sock science brainpower has been at work here."

Minorca Sailing - "
I guess sailing instructors do remember the day they thought, if only for a second, that they might have drowned a client."

Tacticat - "Less broccoli and more heroin than Second Life."

Uncrustables - "They taste vile."

Full details of how to participate in this month's group writing project at Write a Review. Deadline for submissions is Monday July 13.

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