Thursday, July 02, 2009

Write a Review

This month's group writing project is Write a Review.

Easy. Just write a review of anything that's vaguely to do with sailing or whatever other perverted form of boating turns you on.

It could be a review of a boat. Or a piece of boating equipment. Or some boating apparel.

It could be a review of a favorite place you like to go sailing. Or a yacht club. Or a marina.

Perhaps you could write a review of a regatta which you like. Or a sailing resort. Or a sailing school. Or your favorite Caribbean island.

You could review a sailing book. Or a sailing movie (though your choice is somewhat limited there.) Or an instructional DVD about sailing.

The possibilities are endless. Just write a review telling us what you like and don't like about your chosen product or service or place or whatever. You can be as analytical or as emotional as you like. You can give your reviewee "stars out of five" or "points out of ten" or assorted "thumbs up." You can do scientific tests or express the most extreme opinions of no basis whatsoever.

So here is how to participate...

1. Write a review (of something to do with boating) on your blog. Please publish the review before Monday July 13.

2. Once you've posted your review, let me know about it by sending an email to including a link to your review. If you don't have a blog just email me your review and I will post it here.

3. I will post here two links to your review. Every day or so I will write a post listing any new entries in the project. Then at the end of the project I will publish the complete list of "Reviews of Boating Related Stuff."

Look forward to hearing from you...


Jenny said...

What is you know nothing about boating?

aaccording said...

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Zen said...

Shucks, I've been too busy sailing to read this and write a review on something. my bad ^-^

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