Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When Last Did You Sail?

At last somebody noticed...

This morning Smilicus left a comment asking, "Morning Tillerman. Just a quick question: If I look at your blog these days, I wonder, when last did you sail??"

Hmmm. You are right dude. This blog used to have many posts about my frequent sailing adventures... practice, racing, big regattas, little regattas... and all the many ways in which I could screw up the perfectly simple task of sailing a Laser around for a couple of hours without turning it upside down or hitting something. These days you don't read much of that here.

Smilicus has even written a post on his own blog accusing me of Laser abandonment. Perhaps that's only fair because I also gently poked fun at him here for his many excuses for not sailing.

It is true that I haven't sailed much this year. It's also true that I haven't written blog posts this year about every time I have been sailing as I did last year.

As luck would have it, Smilicus chose the perfect time (from my perspective) to ask, "When last did you sail?"

I could truthfully answer, "Yesterday."

Ha. When did you last sail Mr. Smilicus?

But what to do about this sad lack of actual writing about actual sailing by the actual Tillerman here?

  • Write a post listing the feeble excuses why I haven't written much about the times I have been sailing this year

  • Write a post listing the even more feeble excuses why I haven't sailed so much this year

  • Carry on writing about every sailing subject under the sun except my own sailing

  • Write more about my own sailing

  • Abandon this blog

  • Sell my Laser

  • Sail more


PeconicPuffin said...

I just noticed your "banner image" (is it new...has it been there for years...I'm quite slow on the uptake as you surely know by now.) Here's what I have to say: That's too many sailboats for one spot. When you go sailing I hope you're more than six feet from other sailboats.

Yeah yeah I know it's probably a race start. But is sure looks crowded!

Tillerman said...

It is indeed a racing start Puffy. And it sure is crowded. The picture is of the UK Laser Radial Inland Championships at my old club, Rutland SC, in 2005. There were over 120 boats there on a November weekend in England when the forecast was for strong winds and rain.

To be fair, you don't often have that many boats on a start line as many regatta organizers will split the entrants into two fleets with separate starts if there are over 100 entrants.

But it does happen. I sailed myself in a fleet that large at the North American Laser Masters in 2003. It's quite a feeling to look back and see over 100 boats behind you after you have crossed the finish line.

PeconicPuffin said...

After I left my comment I remembered a particular windward mark at a recent windsurfing race (we don't have many formal events on Long Island). Anyhow at this mark there was a moment when I found myself standing on another guy's board...the equivalent of falling into someone else's Laser while still operating your own.

I have to get better. Meanwhile it must be harrowing trying to sail your way through 100+ boats!

Smilicus said...

Hey Tillerman. When last did I sail, haha....no comment. I think you are conforming me tobuying a laser after the wedding. Would be the easiest to launch at our beach club. SO pat yourself on the back, the laser has won.

Did you enjoy the sail?

Tillerman said...

Congratulations Smilicus on deciding to buy a Laser. You made a wise choice.

Yes thanks, I did enjoy the sail. Full post coming tomorrow.

JP said...

Interesting... how much do you want for that ol' Laser of your's Tillerman?

Or do we have to go to ebay to get tempted?

(where to store it? hmmm... that might be the hard bit)

harrymvt said...

I miss your old counter to "100 sails this year," but with all the rain we've had, I understand why it's gone.

Tillerman said...

JP - I think that storage would be the least of your problems. The cost of shipping a 14-year-old Laser from Rhode Island to the UK would probably be more than what the boat is worth.

Harry - I am thinking of resurrecting the counter. Watch this space.

EscapeVelocity said...

"Sail more" is the obvious solution to this and many other problems. I have not been sailing since Thursday, and am getting the shakes.

Pat said...

Saturday, thank goodness, was a sailing afternoon after a long dry spell that had been relieved only by a bit a kayaking.

Of course, I've been talking about sailing, working on boats, and fiddling around near the water far more than I've actually sailed. For example, tomorrow I'm meeting with some state park managers about a contract between the park service and one of our sailing clubs, but probably won't get a chance to sail.

Carol Anne said...

I'm guessing you've already seen my post about a similar drought in sailing ...


But meanwhile, I'd suggest you pursue that last item on your list.

JP said...

What'd you mean Tillerman? Shurely shome mishtake?

Of course delivery is included - after all its water all the way across the Atlantic. Nice little offshore challenge, just think of all the posts you could get from that!

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