Sunday, July 26, 2009

Laser Sailing Blogger of the Week: Alex Mineev

Photo (c) Sean Trew (

Thanks to Alex Mineev for a great write-up of what sounds like the ultimate Laser sailing experience: nine consecutive days of racing and clinic in the Columbia River Gorge.

The full program according to the Columbia Gorge Racing Association website was
  • July 11-12 Laser District 6 Championship
  • July 13-15 Laser Performance Clinic with Brendan Casey
  • July 16 Laser Gorge Blowout
  • July 17-19 Laser Pacific Coast Championship

And check out the description of the Laser Gorge Blowout...
Experience the ultimate thrill in Laser sailing: 18 miles dead downwind from Cascade Locks to Hood River through the magnificent Columbia River Gorge. Big breeze, big waves, and jaw-dropping scenery make this ride a genuine E-ticket! Not for the faint of heart, entries are limited to sailors who have good boat handling skills and are comfortable in winds up to 25+ knots.
18 miles downwind in big breeze and waves!

Wow. How did I miss this? I know it's on the other side of the continent but if I had found out in time what this was all about I could have made the effort to do it.

Sounds like Alex had a good time.
Did I accomplish my goals? - mostly. I managed to truly enjoy the wind. I was 5th at the Blowout (although if I could avoid couple stupid mistakes I could've been 3rd). I figured out the big problem with upwind (vang) and I raced well in PCC. By the end of PCC I was actually reaching the pro kids.
Here's a pic of Brendan Casey, Australian Laser ace, two-times Radial World Champion, and head coach for the clinic, who was second in the PCC.

Photo (c) Sean Trew (

Lots more pics at Alex's article Post-Columbia Gorge. Check it out.

And if you still want more, here is a video clip of Brendan sailing downwind at the Gorge from the 2008 clinic.

That's enough Laser sailing porn for now, or my Laser-hating blogging friend Joe Rouse is going to need a stiff drink.


AlexM said...

Hey Tillerman come race this thing next year - 90 degree temp 20+ kt winds and fresh water of 60 degrees, 3-4 ft swell down the river. Compare it to Cabarete! ;)

Tillerman said...

I'm very tempted Alex. Sailing at the Gorge has long been one of my dreams. I must admit that when I read your article I did mentally compare what you described with Cabarete. They are different but must be in the same league as "two experiences every Laser sailor must have before they die."

Smilicus said...

Looks great....maybe I need to immigrate to USA.

No how bout a laser sailing clinic on Surfing Lasers in the waves??

Carol Anne said...

I suppose the Taos Box would be a little more challenging -- faster water, and less of it.

Sail in San Blas said...

Its great, i wants share in my network also...

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