Thursday, July 16, 2009

If You Don't Like This Blog Here Are Some Others You Might Like Better

Thanks to everyone who participated in this month's group writing project Write a Review. I think we had 28 entries on everything imaginable from Orei to Z, from a pirate movie to a boating consignment store. They are all listed below.

Do take the time to read some or all of them. The whole point of these efforts is to allow bloggers to showcase their writing and to help readers of this blog find other boating blogs of which they may have been previously unaware.

So get clicking...

Captain JP wins the prize for most entries, all related to his recent sailing trip in the Med...
  • Orei - "best bit: the marble bull so if that doesn't float your boat go elsewhere."

  • Koukounaries - "best bit: the peace and quiet in the evening after the day trippers have gone."

  • Steni Vala - "there really isn't much there."

  • Skopelos Town - "best bit: the view from the bar."

  • Pigadhi - "a winding down, tomorrow's the last day sort of place."
Tim Coleman had more than one shot too...

Timmynocky submitted Chepstow and District Yacht Club's 60th Annual Regatta - "Some boy racers (Jack?) were either taking it all too seriously or were worried that the beer might run out before they got back."

Sam Chapin wrote an unusual piece entitled Real View Four Tiller Man but it now seems to have disappeared from his blog. I can't think why.

Carol Anne wrote a review of the cult sailing movie Pirates of the White Sands - "the best 14 minutes you'll ever spend."

Bonnie wrote a Review of a New Sailing Blog! - "K and I have decided to sail an open 14 foot sailboat across the Pacific Ocean from California to Japan."

Steve Bodner educated us about the Z question - "To Z or not to Z? That is Z question."

Smilicus of Sailing Catch 22 opined on various online sources of sailing news in News Review
- "Yachts & Yachting: a true Sailing News Site with Reports on regattas and other news of sailing right over the globe."

Adam of Messing About in Sailboats reviewed some Summer Reading - "
Tillerman had a great idea. He has a lot of them actually." (Oops. How did that quote get selected?)

Yarg scared the bejeezuz out of us with Whitewater Rafting – The Out-of-Raft Experience - "I suggest to the guide that perhaps 360s should be limited to a horizontal plane."

Greg had a book review We the Navigators - The Ancient Art of Landfinding in the Pacific - "the book does an excellent job... of detailing how the indigenous sailors of the Pacific use only the things they can see to determine where to find land."

Tweezerman wrote a review of the magazine Practical Sailor - "the only thing they don't do well is give me a heads up on what items will be on sale at the Annapolis Sailboat Show."

Thomas Armstrong submitted a review of Nic Compton's biography of IainOughtred, A Life in Wooden Boats with some superb pictures of aforementioned wooden boats.

Some of my favorite reviews were from three "guest bloggers", writers without their own blogs who sent me reviews via email.

  • O'Docker - Blog Commenting For Dummies - "just copy a comment from the CD and paste it into the comments page of your favorite blog. What could be easier?"

  • Tobias - My Review of 50 Summers - "my life is full, my family loves boats, and we live in a sailing town. This review is definitely good."

  • Jacob - GizmoTube© Review - "this review was intended to be unbiased; but after a few Dark and Stormys, provided by the manufacturer, I am not so sure anymore."

And last but not least (but actually a tad late) Zen wrote a review of his local boating consignment shop the Blue Pelican - "I found out their trick. They have even more stuff stashed behind stuff."

Oh, and I almost forgot, I wrote three pretty lame reviews myself...
Phew. Can you guys take it easy next time? It's taking me an age to compile these wrap-up posts for our group writing projects.

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