Wednesday, July 08, 2009

More Reviews

Captain JP has an excellent review of Sailing with Navionics iPhone Charts. "There was something on the paper charts which might have been a reef or it might have been a smudge due to a retsina spill, but which was it? Out with the iPhone, couple of drags and zooms, and yup it's a smudge!"

Bonnie of frogma has a Review of a New Sailing Blog! It's always good to hear of a new sailing blog and I hadn't come across this one before. Thanks Bonnie.

There's still plenty of time for you to write a review. Full details of how to participate in this, our July group writing project, at Write a Review.


Shopping City Chaplaincy said...

another one for you

bonnie said...

The only hitch in my review was that I actually failed to link to the new blog.

Here is the link to Sweet Bluesette".

I checked in on Sitemeter this morning & realized that everybody was going to the first Sweet Bluesette post on Pacific Islander!

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