Saturday, July 04, 2009

Commenter of the Week - Smilicus

A shout-out today for someone who has been leaving comments here for a while, Smilicus.

Smilicus is from South Africa and blogs about sailing at Sailing Catch 22. Well actually he blogs more often about his excuses for not sailing. That's OK. I haven't been sailing much myself for the last six months so I feel some empathy for a guy who says that he has sailing in his blood but who lets obstacles prevent him from indulging his passion. In the past few months his excuses have included...
Love it.

Now that it's winter in South Africa he has another excuse but he did get around to writing a list of what to do in the winter for our Lists group writing project. OK, he was two months late but better late than never. It's great to find someone who is almost as big a procrastinator as me.

Hey Smilicus, how about participating in this month's group writing project, Write a Review? There are nine days left so you could actually submit it by the deadline! And you could even do it while enjoying item #8 of things to do in the winter...


Steve said...

Thanks for your many and varied thoughts

Followed your US blog to to Smilicus in SA and then to Ad on his Blog for 1835 vessel Enterprise which we are attempting to organise for daughter's 21st on Pt Phillip Bay, Victoria. Amazing!!!

PS Re Smilicus comments on handicaps I am a great believer that for some races at a Club level, a Club handicap gives the rest of us a chance and really makes those at the front work hard. Our Club has an almost incomprehensible computer program which nevertheless seems to give all a chance and keeps you wanting to improve


Smilicus said...

Morning, from a cold and almost wet Cape Town. Thanks for the review Tillerman. The dust has settled in the new job and now I will be blogging a little bit more.

I will off course submit a review, got one in the pipeline.

Cant wait everyday to see what the crazy grandpa has to wrote. Keep up the good blogging

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