Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Last Few Reviews (Maybe)

A few more reviews today for our July group writing project, Write a Review which is now closed. (If past experience is any guide this will be the signal for a flurry of last-minute "Oh shit, I really meant to write a review but I missed the deadline and I know Tillerman will give me a link anyway" posts. I really am way too nice to people.)

Anyway, Captain JP has been continuing his exhaustive tests of the bars and tavernas of the Aegean and since our last update has posted reviews of
  • Steni Vala - "there really isn't much there"
  • Skopelos Town - "best bit: the view from the bar"
  • and Pigadhi - "a winding down, tomorrow's the last day sort of place."

I'm not sure if JP's faint praise of some of these places is because he genuinely was underwhelmed, or because they really all are totally awesome and he's trying to keep them a secret from the rest of us.

Also, Tweezerman of Earwigoagin has written a review of the magazine Practical Sailor - "the only thing they don't do well is give me a heads up on what items will be on sale at the Annapolis Sailboat Show."

And Thomas Armstrong of 70.8% (yes, that really is the title of his blog) submitted a review of Nic Compton's biography of IainOughtred, A Life in Wooden Boats. I won't give you a teaser quote from this one, but instead I urge you to follow the link and check out the pictures in the review. They are so gorgeous that they are able to stir up a yearning to own a wooden boat even in the heart of a die-hard fiberglass junkie like me.

Full round-up of all the reviews coming soon.


Zen said...

Oh shit, I really meant to write a review but I missed the deadline and I know Tillerman will give me a link anyway"

The nerve of some people taking advantage of your kind, generous and forgiving nature and trying to slip some last minute post link in to the mix. (PS; Please see FB email (*_*) with er um kink, yeah that's it with a kink)

Greg and Kris said...

So, when we read these things and get caught up on what some of our blogger friends are doing, and find new bloggers who we like, the community grows and becomes connected in more ways.

Does that make the T-man a community activist? And if so, should I be worried if/when he bows to the Queen?

Tillerman said...

Don't worry Greg, being a blog community activist is a bit like being governor of Alsaka except I actually do stuff and I don't quit. And I have never bowed to the Queen though I am a great fan of Freddie Mercury.

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