Friday, July 03, 2009

July 4th - Swim Naked Day

Tomorrow is American Independence Day, when Americans celebrate their freedom from rule by those nasty English kings, and we English give thanks that we don't have to put up with those obstreperous colonials any more.

No wait. That's not right. We still have to put up with them. Dang.

Sorry Americans. Only joking. Most of my immediate family are Americans and I love them all dearly.

Anyway... Elizabeth, as her contribution to Bowsprite and Tugster's Swim Day blogging project this week, made her own very specific declaration of independence: she needs to swim naked.

Good for her. I'm all in favor of Elizabeth being able to swim naked if that's her thing. That's what freedom is all about. What better way to express our inalienable rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness than to enjoy the pleasure of a swim without the constraints of clothing? Why should we be denied this simple pleasure because of petty regulations, or what Elizabeth calls "culturally-enforced feelings of impropriety"? Wear a burqini if you must, or celebrate American freedom by swimming naked.

That's Elizabeth in the photo looking very elegant wearing only a pair of sunglasses as she salutes the flag. Feel free to celebrate Independence Day tomorrow by joining Elizabeth in swimming naked.

I hereby declare July 4th to be Swim Naked Day.


Sarah Palin said...

Mr. Tillerman, this is such a brilliant idea, I just had to get involved.

I live so close to Russia, I've always wanted to swim over there naked, but having to keep up this front about family values would have made that impossible.

So, I'm quitting the governorship and swimming naked to Russia. This has got to be good for another gig on Saturday Night Live, at least. Nicky Sarkozy called me up and told me he does stuff like this all the time. Toodles!

- Sarah

Tillerman said...

Ms Palin. Pictures please or it didn't happen.

Zen said...

Yeah, like Tillerman said!

Anonymous said...

July 4 is a great day to party and swim naked. A hot day with plenty of sunshine. Eating hot dogs, franks, beans, German potato salad. What could be better and doing all that naked.

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