Friday, April 06, 2012

Battle Shots

Thanks to Bowsprite for bringing my attention to this alcoholic variation on the old game of Battleships that we played when we were kids. I thought this picture might be a joke at first but apparently it's only a slight variation on the commercially available board game Battle Shots. You can even buy it online at Battle Shots!

As blogger (and law student) George at Trickum Legis says, Battle Shots is the New Beer Pong!

Please drink responsibly, do not drink if you have a drinking problem, do not drive if you have a driving problem, excessive consumption of alcohol causes... and blah, blah, blah. Seriously, be good.


George A said...

Now this is a game that I could see being used to fill up the dead time associated with postponements at regattas. Potentially much more entertaining than cornhole and a lot less "thoughty" than chess! Once the AP goes up, set 'em up!

Baydog said...

The car keys should be taken first, and hidden well.

George A said...

Hear, hear Baydog, I couldn't agree more. In fact diaristwoman and I long ago agreed to fairly split the designated driver duties 50:50--I drive to the Yacht clubs and she drives home!

O Docker said...

I think I'd be sunk long before my fleet.

But this could bring a whole new twist to wine tasting.

"You got two relatively undistinguished cabernets and a pinot with a fruity nose and plum overtones."

Anonymous said...

You sank my Brut, you brute!

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