Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Wrist Starer

I was thinking of buying one of those fancy GPS watches to use when I'm running. Being an anal-retentive type I was thinking it might be fun to be able to monitor all sorts of data on my run like distance, elevation, grade, heading, current pace, average pace, heartrate, lap heartrate, average heartrate etc. etc. etc.

Then I saw this picture and I realized that I've seen so many runners who seem to spend the whole time on a run staring at their wrists. I was running alongside one of these runners for several miles at the Great Bay Half Marathon. She kept telling me that all the mile markers were in the wrong places (according to her wrist.)

I'm planning to do a long run later today. Looking forward to enjoying the scenery. Not the view of my wrist.


Sam Chapin said...

Put the watch on your mast and then in those last 30 seccnds you don't have to look at your wrist. Oh, you were running?

JP said...

You want Google's augmented reality glasses that show that data projected heads up style so you can see the numbers where ever you look! (*)

(*) plus additional information about local companies and their special offers, carefully selected to be just right for you personally

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