Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cork, Huron and Eustace

Here are three more entries in this month's group writing project Top Sailing Destination on the Planet.

Kevin writes a blog called Lost at Sea which is about "Sailing, Sailing and more Sailing." Hmmm. My kind of blog. Kevin's top destination is apparently called Pfft. No, wait. His post is called Pfft. No, wrong again. It's actually called Pfft… Why West Cork Is Better Than Just About Anywhere.

Apparently "West Cork is where paradise is on Earth. This place has absolutely everything a sailor could ever want: waves, wind, islands and a pub on every corner." And something called "The Craic." Sounds wonderful.


And here's another entry from someone called Kevin. Another Kevin writes a blog called Sail Far Live Free. Another Kevin's top destination is Lake Huron's North Channel which he and his family cruised in the summer of 2010.


Another Kevin even made a video all about the North Channel cruise. Looks wonderful.

Our third entry today is from somewhat not called Kevin. He is called Sam and he writes a blog called How to Sail the Laser which is something I've always been meaning to learn how to do. Sam says Lasers like Lake Eustis. Lake Eustis is in Florida, and Sam makes it sound like Laser sailing heaven.


Thanks to the four people who have already sent in entries. You have until the end of April to send in your contribution. Full details at Top Sailing Destination on the Planet.


Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Sail Far Live Free is a good site.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Tillerman!

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