Friday, April 27, 2012

Scotch and Titanic

Two more entries today for this month's group writing challenge - Top Sailing Destination on the Planet...

Captain JP sounds as if he is becoming a little jaded about sailing on the Solent and is wanting to get away from the crowds and go sailing in Scottish Water. He hasn't done it yet but he is nominating Scottish Water for his top sailing destination on the planet. That's OK. I hoped that some people would embrace this challenge in that spirit and write about the destination of their dreams.

The Knitting Sailor also contemplated for a while writing about somewhere she hasn't sailed yet - the Lakes of Titan. (Titan, for the astronomically challenged, is the largest moon of Saturn. Hey, I did say it had to be the top destination on the planet but I didn't say which planet.)

But in the end she decided to be more provincial and chose her home sailing club on Kielder Water as her top destination. She even pointed us to a video about Kielder. As she says...
This is a club video put together last year and it sums up why Kielder is the best place to sail in the entire universe (yes, even better than Titan). It’s not just the place, it’s the people. We have found friendships we didn’t expect and more support and enthusiasm than we could have dreamt of. The people we sail with make our sailing what it is, make us want to return and share the moment with them.

Looks delightful.

You have until the end of April to nominate your pick for top sailing (or kayaking or rowing of windsurfing or kitesailing or... well almost anything except jet skiing) destination on the planet. Full details of how to participate at Top Sailing Destination on the Planet.


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Maybe I will try to comment on a blog every day for month.

Tillerman said...

Don't strain yourself Sam.

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