Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lobster Roll

Thanks to Diabolo214 for this entry in our group writing project Top Sailing Destination on the Planet.

Drifting along the river early on a beautiful summer morning, watching the wildlife on shore. Planing across a mile of bright sunny water on a breezy afternoon. Cruising around a peaceful inlet as the sun sets behind the pines. The New Meadows River off Casco Bay in Maine is the best spot to sail in the world.

With your boat, be it Laser or Sonar just in front of the house, it's only a couple of minutes to be afloat whenever the mood takes you. 1 mile across and 3 miles from the open bay, there are many smaller inlets and islands to explore. Seals can be seen basking on rocky ledges when the tide goes out. Ospreys and Eagles are often seen sitting in the trees watching for prey and their babies can be heard calling for food.

If you feel peckish yourself, Cundys Harbour is on the other side of the river where Holbrooks can supply you with a drink, ice cream, or a lovely lobster roll while you sit on their pier amongst the lobster boats as the sun goes down.

Each Sunday all the local sailboats have a handicap race around the buoys and the fleet can be anything from an Optimist to a Tartan 38. The "Excuses Tea" follows as competitors sit on our deck, overlooking the river while drinking tea or lemonade and cookies. The results are read out and excuses start to flow with many stories about what might have been if only!

What could be better?


Sam Chapin said...

Wonderfull place to sail but BOY is the water cold.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty cold but I learnt to swim there 65 years ago and it's hard to kick the habit. Occasional dunking when in the Laser but have a wetsuit when it seems likely.

Tillerman said...

I've been swimming in the sea in Maine (without a wetsuit.) It's invigorating. HTFU and refer to Rule #5.

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