Thursday, April 26, 2012

Play in May

A couple of years ago I participated in something called NaBloPoMo or National Blog Posting Month. NaBloPoMo is for a group of people who commit to updating their blogs once a day for an entire month. And each month has a theme. The theme back in March 2010 was STRANGE. I am quite strange so it was fairly easy for me to write a bunch of blog posts about why I am strange and all the strange things I do.

The theme for NaBloPoMo for next month, May, is PLAY. As I'm retired, pretty much everything I do is play. Certainly sailing is play. Always has been for me. So I think I'll be able to think of something every day to write about on the theme of "play."

Darren Rowse is a serious bloke who writes the best serious blog on the planet about how to make serious money from blogging. But even he has had a go at NaBloPoMo and wrote a post about what he learned: 5 Blogging Lessons from NaBloPoMo.

When you sign up for NaBloPoMo you can, if you want, add your blog to a blogroll of other blogs participating that month. That's so we can all find each other and go and read each others blogs and leave weird comments on them. Or something like that. On the entry form you are asked to choose a "category" to describe your blog. This stumped me at first.

Should I claim that this is a "sex" blog"? I might get a lot of hits that way. On the other hand I hardly ever write about sex, unless you count Sex Change Operation or, ummm, Sex Education or, oh yes, Sex in Prison or... oh, I guess there were a few posts about sex in 7 years of blogging. I am human.

Or should I say this a "hobby" blog? Definitely NOT. Sailing is a sport, not a hobby. Making model boats out of matchsticks is a hobby. Collecting beer bottle tops is a hobby. Writing a blog about finding loose change is a hobby. Sailing is a SPORT. This is not a hobby blog.

For a moment or two I was tempted to choose the category "Psychotic Ranting/Anonymous Foaming." I do do a bit of psychotic rambling/anonymous foaming from time to time. Especially on topics that warrant it such as Mommy Boats and Uncrustables.

In the end I registered as a "Niche" blog. My niche is "Old Geezer Laser Sailing Blogs." It's a pretty small niche.

But that's OK.

I'm going to play in May.

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Sam Chapin said...

I would have trouble doing just three days in a row. I like to do picture and that is another problem.

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