Monday, August 06, 2012

Buzzards Bay Regatta 2012

Three days of Laser racing on Buzzards Bay...

Racing against lots of kids. Beating some of them in some races.

Superb winds every day.

Wasn't last in any race.

Didn't break anything.

Lots to blog about including...

My new philosophy about sailing in regattas including (if you are lucky) a crappy drawing of a graph that explains my new philosophy about sailing in regattas.

Some boring charts (not crappy drawings) of what the winds were like.

My new secret weapon for grinding down any random kid.

Things I am doing better now than I used to.

Things I am still doing badly.

More bad mommies.

Crispy bacon.

Watch this space...


JP said...

Crispy bacon? Shurely shome mistake?

Apart from that, watching this space.

Tillerman said...

You are quite right JP. Crispy bacon is a huge mistake. So are mommy boats. I will blog about both.

O Docker said...

Lots to comment about on your upcoming Buzzards Bay Regatta post, including...

- Do people reading regatta reports care about which way the wind was blowing

- Do wind charts make readers care any more about which way the wind was blowing

- Why if you're still making the same mistakes you made ten years ago, you're probably never going to improve

- Why you probably shouldn't worry about things you can't change

- Crispy bacon

Watch this space...

Tillerman said...

1. There was something unusual about the wind over the 3 days at Buzzards Bay this year. At least I thought so. It's a dog eat man story. If you work for a newspaper you might understand that.

2. No. But pictures make my blog look prettier.

3. I have managed to stop making some mistakes I was making 10 years ago. That's the story. But I have stopped hoping for improvement. I am just hoping to slow my decline.

4. I don't worry about things I can't change. I only worry about things I can change. I can't change my height. I can change my weight. I can't change my shoe size. I can change where I put my feet in the boat.

5. I know a lot of readers are eagerly waiting for my appetizing story about crispy bacon. Baydog made me do it.

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