Friday, August 03, 2012

Edgy, Aggressive and Unique in Style

On Wednesday afternoon a friend and I went for a sail from Bristol Harbor in our Lasers.

It was blowing about 12 knots from the SW with gusts up to 15-18 knots at times.

It was sunny.

There were some waves.

We blasted upwind until our quads screamed for relief.

And then some.

We sailed under Mount Hope Bridge and across to RWU's dock.

I pointed out where the Tillercottage is on the far shore of Mount Hope Bay, although you can't actually see it from there.

We blasted upwind a bit more.

We sailed back through the bridge and around Hog Island Lighthouse and then reached around the backside of Hog Island and across to Poppasquash Point.

And then it was downwind all the way back to the beach.

It was fun.

We met up with Tillerwoman and walked over to Aidan's Pub for some burgers and beer.

We sat outside.

We saw Elvis.

I spotted a beer on the pub's menu that was described as "exploding with Warrior, Glacier and Cascade hop character."

I like exploding beers so I ordered one.

It was called Monkey Fist.

The menu also said the beer was "edgy, aggressive, and unique in style."

Just like me.


Bursledon Blogger said...

wow hate to be in a crowed English pub serving Monkey Fist on a Friday night - imagine trying to get served with edgy, aggressive, unique and thirsty drinkers 6 deep at the bar.

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

You're incredible, Skipper. I know I can't sail Lasers with you, and I suspect I can't drink long necks with you either.

O Docker said...

So are we what we drink or do we drink what we are?

Are we formed by nature or nurture?

And what makes us ask rhetorical questions?

Anonymous said...

There was good breeze wednesdat afternoon but it died down in rhe evening.
S/V Selah

JP said...

Very impressive and also fun. Watching all those Lasers sail in Weymouth does make me want to go out in one.

Coincidently recently I've also seen Elvis - he must be travelling a lot. I might post his pic if get time.

Tillerman said...

We were off the water by 5:30. I think we got the best part of the day.

Anonymous said...

what would a TillerCocktail be?
what would the ODocker mix be?
hm...the Frogma (something with a basil leaf)? the Messing? the Mouth? the Bursleburp? the JP (julep and port?)

…equal parts monkeyfist and rum. does that sound bad?

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