Monday, August 06, 2012

Moth Guide

I love reading Simon Payne's blog. He has such a wicked turn of phrase and a dry British sense of humour. He has just published a form guide for the Moth Worlds later this month. Here are some of his descriptions of his fellow sailors...

Aesthetically better off not wearing Lycra.

His boat has more lines than a zebra wearing corduroys.

He isn’t good at boat work believing they heal over night.

Was racing Moths when the Dead Sea had only just called in sick.

Don’t call starboard on him as he’s wearing headphones, and he won’t hear you.

If they ever translate the rule book into Italian he might benefit from a quick flick through.

Stick your boat next to him in the dinghy park and by the end of the week you will be faster, and also probably a scientologist.

You can read the full guide at 2012 Moth World Championship Form Guide.

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Fred said...

Yeah, it gave me a big smile to read it...
Good on you to mention it here.

Now, let´s get on with the Worlds in Campione.

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