Tuesday, July 09, 2013

10 Safety Tips to Follow when Boating with Kids

As an avid sailor and a grandparent of four young children aged one to seven, I naturally relish the idea of going boating with my grandkids. We had some boating trips together last summer such as the memorable day I wrote about here.

I look forward to many more such opportunities.

Of course, safety is paramount when boating with kids, which is why I am happy to recommend this article, originally posted on NannyPro.com (not a site I link to very often!)

Getting out onto the water and enjoying the spray across your face is a relaxing way to spend a summer day, and an exciting experience for little ones that are getting their first taste of the joy that is boating. Unfortunately, boating can also be a highly dangerous activity when there are kids involved and the adults on board aren’t properly educated on important safety rules. These are ten of the things you should always keep in mind when you’re on the water with little ones in tow.
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Skippy said...

I sail on a cold river when I have kids.
First rule is Stay on the boat.
Second rule is stay on the boat.
Then we start with the rest of the rules in the article.
John in PDX

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