Tuesday, July 02, 2013

265 Excuses

At the end of April I reported that I was On Track with my plan to sail my Laser 100 days this year.

in my plan to make it to 100 I had targeted that I would sail 18 days in the first 4 months of the year.

Hey, I know it's not a lot in 4 months but it's frigging cold around here at that time of year.

Sadly I have to report now that I am no longer on track.

My plan was to sail 10 days in May. I only did 7.

And I was supposed to sail 13 days in June.  I only did 7 again.

So now I'm 9 days behind schedule.

Off the track.


Even though I did have fun.

It occurs to me that perhaps I'm doing this all wrong.

Instead of having a target to sail 100 days, maybe I should set a goal for thinking of an excuse NOT to go sailing on every one of 265 days of the year, and report those excuses on my blog?

Then if I made it to 265 excuses I would have achieved something.

Of if I didn't make it to 265 excuses, I would presumably have sailed at least 100 days. That's something too.

And the excuses would probably be more entertaining for my readers than my boring accounts of actual sailing.

Does this make any sense?


Anonymous said...

Absolute sense. As a Brit, excuses come naturely. The conversation in our changing rooms, post race, is like a reading from the "encyclopedia of excuses for poor performance."

Excuses for not sailing could be interesting assuming no excuse can be used twice.


kiwiyates said...

So from your previous post, here is excuse number 1 - "spent so much time dithering about entering the Masters in Oman and then trying to work out how to decline the invitation, that I ran out of time to actually go sailing" :(

Tillerman said...

LOL kiwiyates. But actually I did the aforementioned dithering, wrote two blog posts, spread some compost in the garden, built Tillerwoman a cage to protect her raspberries... and still managed to go sailing today. Didn't need an excuse!

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