Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Independence Day 2013

My son and daughter-in-law and our three eldest grandchildren came over to stay with us for the long Independence Day Weekend. On Thursday it was decided that the family was heading down to the beach in Newport.

As I have mentioned before, human beings like the beach. I like the beach too... in moderation.

What I don't like very much is sitting on a crowded beach on a holiday weekend surrounded by fat ugly strangers prancing around in what, to all intents and purposes, is their underwear, yakking away on their cellphones, and playing loud rap music on their boom boxes.

So shoot me. I'm an introvert. I find crowds of people draining and de-energizing.

I decided to let the rest of the family go to the beach in Newport while I went for a sail by myself on the beautiful, quiet Sakonnet River.

But first I had to go to the beach to launch my Laser. I went to Seapowet Beach in Tiverton. That's it in the picture above.

When I launched it was relatively uncrowded.

I sailed around on the river for the sheer pleasure of being on the water and enjoying the experience of being by myself in natural surroundings.

Some times I sail because I want to race and satisfy my competitive urges.

Some times I sail because I want to work on improving some specific skills.

Some times I sail purely because I want to enjoy sailing. Thursday was a day like that. The older I get the more I find that that is the main reason I sail.

I blasted around on the Sakonnet, living in the moment. I sailed over towards Sandy Point Beach in Portsmouth on the other side of the river. I could see crowds of people sitting around on the beach in their underwear. As I got closer I could hear rap music on a boom box. I retreated hastily to the quiet and solitude in the middle of the river.

When I had had my fill I sailed back to Seapowet Beach.

As I approached the beach a very friendly young boy playing in the water asked, "Mister, do you need any help?"

I smiled. "No thanks. Do I look like I need some help?"

He looked like the kind of little boy that might grow up to be President of the United States one day. Or more precisely, since 4 November 2008 it has been possible to believe that a little boy who looks like him could grow up to be President of the United States.

It was a good way to spend Independence Day.

God bless America.


Baydog said...

God Bless America for sure. I never get tired of hearing that.

The only better thing would have been if he didn't say mister...

Tillerman said...

Yes. Young people in America don't usually call people "Mister" do they? There was a young man (in his 20s I would guess) at a regatta a few weeks ago who kept calling me "Sir." Made me feel old. But then I am old, I suppose.

So what's with the "Mister"?

By the way, my spam filter is so much better now. Hardly getting any spam when I moderate comments. But it put your comment, Baydog, in the spam folder. No idea why.

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