Sunday, July 07, 2013

There Is No Second

In an exciting first race of the Louis Vuitton Cup in San Francisco this afternoon, EmiratesTeamNZ scored a surprise win against..... well, actually nobody. In a radical new racing format EmiratesTeamNZ sailed around the course by herself.

Larry Ellison explained to the media that this revolutionary new approach to the America's Cup will be much more easy to understand for TV viewers and will be more attractive to sponsors as only one boat's sponsors' name can be shown at any given time.

In other sports news today, Andy Murray of Scotland hit a tennis ball against a wall by himself for three hours in blazing hot sunshine to become the first British player to win the Gentlemen's Singlehanded Championship at Wimbledon in 77 years.

And Irishman Dan Martin won the 9th stage of the Tour de France by going for a bike ride by himself over the hilly course in the Pyrenees. "I was confident in the final stretch because I know I have some speed," the 26-year-old Martin said.


Sam Chapin said...

The one boat race!

Anonymous said...

Again, the AC(/LVC) makes sailing look stupid. It's just embarrassing. How can it be the pinnacle of our sport? There are so many more interesting sailing competitions out there.


BlueVark said...

Your post has two lables "america's cup" and "utter nonsense". Surely with the current AC setup one of those lables is redundant!

Tillerman said...

Good point Blue Vark.

But not all of my Utter Nonsense Posts are about the boring America's Cup. Some of them are actually quite interesting, I think?

And I still hope that I will l see the Cup taken away from Larry Ellison and won my somebody who will run the next AC with more than one boat in each race.

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