Thursday, July 04, 2013

30 Best Things About America

  1. The Liberty Bell

  2. Soft shell crabs

  3. Air conditioning

  4. The Boston Marathon

  5. Pancakes

  6. Firefighters

  7. Monkey Fist IPA

  8. Navy Seals

  9. Steve Jobs

  10. The First Amendment

  11. Rhode Island clam chowder

  12. Bose noise-canceling headphones

  13. Public school teachers

  14. Clif Bars

  15. Forever stamps

  16. Michelle Obama

  17. Lobster rolls

  18. GPS

  19. Powerade Zero

  20. Frisbees

  21. Sesame Street

  22. Bison

  23. Baseball

  24. Bruce Springsteen

  25. The Internet

  26. Right turn on red

  27. The National Anthem

  28. Blueberries

  29. The Grand Tetons

  30. The 4th of July


Anonymous said...

I'd agree with almost all of those.

Do you have any specific reasons for your entries? For instance, why the Rhode Island clam chowder, rather than the more generic New England clam chowder? Is there a difference worth noting?

Happy 4th to you and yours, Tillerman!

Tillerman said...

New England clam chowder is creamy. Rhode Island clam chowder is clear.

Happy 4th to you and yours, Mitch.

Anonymous said...

??? Seriously? Rhode Island clam chowder is clear? I didn't know that!

I don't even remember that from when we lived in north-eastern Connecticut back in the early 1970s. I just recall the cream-based version from New England, and the tomato-based version from further south.

Tillerman said...

We don't let everyone know all our secrets!

Bruce Taylor said...

Most Aussies would also have Barrack Obama in that list. Maybe leave out the pancakes :)

GBR 134 said...

As a UK resident I recognise No. 26 as the best traffic regulation worldwide - I think it need aits own unique Photograph!

Tillerman said...

Some American habits might not work well in other countries. You probably don't want bison roaming free in the Cotswolds either.

Tillerman said...

Really the current President should be on the list but I decided to steer away from politicians so as not to stir up any heavy feedback. This is meant to be a bit of fun.

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