Tuesday, July 23, 2013


What's usually the most exciting part of a match race?

The start. Right?

The "cat and mouse" game as the commentators love to call it. Who is in control? What will they do?

In this America's Cup with a reaching start the question is whether a boat will go for the leeward end of the line with the possibility of being inside at the first mark, or for the windward position with potentially clearer air.

So what happened in today's race between Emirates and Prada?

Search me.

The video posted on the America's Cup website jumps abruptly from 25 seconds before the start until the boats are halfway down the first leg with Prada already way behind Emirates.

What happened?

Why were those crucial seconds cut out of the tape that the public can see?

What are "they" trying to hide?

Who are "they"?

What did "they" know and when did "they" know it?

Not since the missing 18 minutes in the Watergate tapes has so much been hidden by so few from so many.


Baydog said...

Hey, I drove by the Watergate Hotel this past weekend.

Keep Reaching said...

What, you missed that part?

It was Artemis who showed up as a last minute entry with Loick Peyron at the helm. Just as Artemis was coming to the line both the ETNZ and Luna Rossa Mommy Boats cut him off and Loick started swearing at them in French, waving his arms and making Continental gestures, but to no avail.

His Oie being cooked, Loick quickly gybed away, out of camera view, "accidentally" placing a pontoon over the ETNZ Mommy Boat which quickly sank.

So, not worry - you didn't miss much.

Tillerman said...

Thanks KR. I do like to know these things.

bonnie said...

So even when they do it right (more than one boat racing) they still manage to mess up? Too bad. Good to know about the mommy boat though.

Tillerman said...

Seems like it. You would think they could manage to get a video right thought wouldn't you?

bonnie said...

Reminds me of that spoof video somebody had put together of the Irish guy commenting on the Olympic laser racing, somehow.

kiwiyates said...

Just spoke to a sailing friend from the NY sailing scene - they are so thankful that they didn't "win" the rights to host this thing.... Oh I now see its a 3 horse race as Artemis are finally foiling....but I'm not holding my breath!

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