Sunday, March 13, 2016

Flying Scot 30 Second Plane - Quannapowitt YC

RS Aero sailors all over the world have been measuring their speeds on wild planing reaches with various GPS devices and reporting their results in the Speed Freaks Challenge. Ron Fergusson currently holds the Australian record at 15.6 knots, but the UK sailors have been blowing everyone else away, topped by a recent amazing performance by Anthony 'Chunky' York of 23.9 knots!

But it's not only RS Aero sailors who enjoy blasting about on reaches. The video above is from Eric Wojtaszek's YouTube channel and was filmed on the day when the Chaos Cup at Quannapowitt YC in Massachusetts in 2010 was cancelled due to high winds.

So what else is there to do when racing is cancelled because of high winds? Go for a blast. Make a video. Record your speed.

Any guesses as to how fast that Flying Scot is going?


Anonymous said...

15 knots; must have been fun!


Tillerman said...

It certainly looks like fun.

Sometimes I think we all spend too much time doing the same old windward-leeward races and forget what turned us on to sailing in the first place.

Gordon S said...

Looks like 1.5 seconds per 19-ft boat length. ... about 7.5 knots. My Scot is faster. :-)

Tillerman said...

Fighting talk Gordon S.

Tom Donlan said...

Never mind how fast it's going; look at the windward shroud stretching and contracting with the waves and puffs.

Alden Smith said...

Looks around 10 knots or less to me.

It always makes me laugh when the racing gets cancelled and everyone goes for a sail!! LOL

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