Saturday, March 05, 2016

Palma Roll

People say the Laser is an old design, but there's something new every year in Laser technique.

Have you learned how to do this yet?


Barubi said...

I'll perfect the capsizing part before advancing to the yoga poses. After my two swims today I'm intending eight hours of Śavāsana practice tonight.

Tillerman said...

Yoga on stand up paddle boards is becoming popular.

I think yoga on capsized Lasers could be the next big thing.

Keep Reaching said...

I have often capsized a Laser using yoga - I may not have consciously been intending to do yoga, but my twisted contortions just before the capsize surely looked a lot like some offbeat yoga pose.

Tillerman said...

There is more Laser Yoga at my post Laser Yoga?

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