Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Starting Drills in the RS Aero

Thanks to Judith Krimski, our awesome New England Laser District Secretary, for drawing my attention to this excellent video on how to practice starting skills by British Olympian turned coach, Penny Clark.

It shows some starting drills with a Laser Radial, an RS Aero and an RS 200 doing the demonstrations.

Especially nice to see a coaching video for the RS Aero. Let's hope we see a few more in the coming months.


merrifie said...

I'm not familiar with the transit method mentioned in the time & distance segment. Is she referring to using two points used to travel in a straight line?

Tillerman said...

No. She is talking about taking a sight through both ends of the start line (from outside one end of the line) to a point on the shore. Then you can use that to know if you are on, ahead or behind the line from any place in the middle of the line.

Maybe I didn't explain that very well. If it's not clear I would be happy to write a longer post on the topic.

merrifie said...

No, it's fine. I'm familiar with this technique but only think to use it when close to the line.

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