Thursday, March 03, 2016

Throwback Thursday - sNIPEOUT...

I went searching through the archives of Proper Course to find something suitable for Throwback Thursday. After all, when you have been writing the same blog for 11 years, some of the earlier posts are positively ancient.

From March 2006, 10 years ago, I found Loaded the Woodcock, some instructions - with illustrations - about how to load a Snipe on a road trailer and what might go wrong, which I thought was somewhat amusing because I had made a very bad translation from the Italian original using what was then called Google Language Tools.

The original was from an Italian blog sNIPEOUT...

Much to my surprise I discovered that sNIPEOUT... is still going strong.

Even better, the author is clearly following this blog and has been reposting some of my RS Aero stories...

A quick check on the RS Aero Class page shows that there don't seem to be many RS Aeros in Italy yet.

Maybe these RS Aero stories on sNIPEOUT...  will change that?


Steve Mackay said...

Dear Tillerman

This brings up an ethical problem

I would, on occasion, like to use some of your writings in our club newsletter (attributed to you) but feel I require your permission rather than just grab (which I may have when we ran a state championship and I might have referred fairly fully to a bit you did on "Parking Mafia" ??)

Can I?

Steve from Indented Head

Tillerman said...

Thanks for asking Steve. You are welcome to use whatever you want from this blog in your club newsletter.

It would be nice to know about it though, if possible. I really like to be able to boast about it on my blog when someone feels it is worth while copying the nonsense I write here.

Was it the Boat Park Chaos post that you used before?

I did have a chuckle reading it again just now. I wonder if the main character in the post knows he is famous in Australia.

Steve Mackay said...

Thanks Tillerman

Yes that was the post. We ended up with me under an umbrella with panama hat welcoming all and directing to a further member who parked people in lines, but warned all that space was tight.

I will mention to Brian Case, when I see him, that his second in Australian titles in Aero 7 has been noted. He and family, 29er and Opti, often sail at Indented Head


Tillerman said...

Great. If I made a small contribution to improving the courtesy and efficiency of regatta parking somewhere in the world, my life will have been worthwhile.

Unknown said...

Hi Tillerman,
Internationally, for the locations map, we are reliant on info coming back from owners and dealers.

Info on where RS Aeros are located in ITALY was slow coming - I think they were keeping their sailing paradises a secret! However, we have just had an update with most of the locations of where RS Aeros are based there. Check out the 'pins' of where RS Aeros are located in Italy on our homepage map here;

Having been to Spain for the RS Aerocup last year we must visit lovely Italy for a big event.....if I build it will you come?

Tillerman said...

Even though I lived in the UK for the first 40 years of my life and had many holidays in Spain, France, Switzerland and Austria, and traveled a lot on business to the Netherlands, Germany etc. I never really took the chance to explore Italy much. A couple of skiing holidays and that was about it.

I really should see more of Italy. Thanks Peter. Isn't Lake Garda the place that every European dingy sailor has on his or her bucket list?

Unknown said...

I am not sure about dingy sailors but certainly most keen dinghy sailors would have Lake Garda at the top of their wish list as an iconic venue. I know several of the USA RS Aero fleet too who would be keen to make a trip there....

- Good thermal breezes and the southerly wind is squeezed into a funnel at the northern end
- Awesome scenery surrounded by cliffs and mountains
- Fresh water

and Italy generally;
- great weather
- the best pasta, pizza and red wine!

Tillerman said...

OK make fun of the dingy old guy with the blurry eyesight in the mornings.

But you have convinced me. RS Aero Worlds 2017 at Lake Garda? With wine sponsors!

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