Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Phone rings.

I answer phone. After what seems like an unusual delay for a normal call, someone with an adult male voice comes on the line.

"Grandpa, it's me."

Hmm. My eldest grandson is 7 years old.

It's not him. In any case all my grandkids call me "Granddad" not "Grandpa."

"Hello!" I say cautiously.

"It's me, your grandson."


"It's me. Your eldest grandson!"

"Really? What's your name?"


"Sorry. My eldest grandson isn't called Steve. You obviously have the wrong number."

I hang up.

Did I just dodge one of those "Your grandson is in jail and you need to send $5,000 to bail him out!" scams?


JP said...

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Tillerman said...

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Tomorrow is April Fools Day said...

I forecast that owsome deleted post about HMS Victory to be renamed will be reposted tomorrow.

JP said...

I know nothing of what you speak but it sounds like an owsome post

Tillerman said...


O Docker said...

I have been O-some for some time, now.

BTW, did you hear about the April Fools prank that Blogger played on UK bloggers? They quietly set their server clocks ahead so that all blog posts in the UK would publish a day early.

And I believe, subsequent to an agreement signed in the fall of 2015, that Nelson's flagship is now the Coca-Cola HMS Victory.

JP said...

Simpler than that - someone let Buff near the keyboard ;(

Tillerman said...

it happens all the time. I see an interesting post in my blogroll and then when I click on it, the original post isn't on the blog any more.

Al Sargent said...

Thanks for all the Laser blog posts. On the topic of annoying telemarketer calls, here's a service that someone built to deal with them:

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