Saturday, April 02, 2016

More on the CRACUNS

Some people - including Tillerwoman - thought I was making up that story I posted yesterday about the drone that would work underwater and in the air.

Not at all. It's real.

The CRACUNS wakes!


Barubi said...

The CRACUN post appeared on 2 April this side of the International Date Line, so I never doubted the Tillerman's veracity. Sanity is another matter.
I wonder how it would fly with a month's worth of seaweed growth.
I'd prefer to meet the CRACUN than the CAPTOR (mine).

Unknown said...

Alas, Tillerman appears to have gone crackers over CRACUNS.

I suppose if children are call young-uns, the small slit in my hull may be a cracun.

Unknown said...

Better a cracun than a Kim Jong Un.

Frankie Perussault said...

…such a shame for me, I can't see the video, flash out of date, can the kraken see me scratching my head?

Tillerman said...

Alas, the CRACUNS isn't actually a commercial product but a proof-of-concept created by some clever engineers at a university, probably with military applications in mind. Still it would be really cool to own one.

Unknown said...

This one is not commercially available, but visit to see one that is. That site got over 2 million hits.

Tillerman said...

Thanks Jay. Commercially available waterproof floating drones do exist, so anyone who wants to photograph sailing should have no fear of such a drone landing in the water.

O Docker said...

As US taxpayers, we probably already own one.

I wonder if we didn't also pay for the development costs.

And what interest could the Secretary of the Navy possibly have in a device that was obviously designed for the 'aerial mission' of photographing sailboat racing.

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