Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Reasons to go to 2017 Laser Masters Worlds - #1 Diving with Great White Sharks

I was thinking of writing a series of posts on Reasons I Should Go To The 2017 Laser Masters Worlds In Adelaide, Australia.

Thanks to a comment on yesterday's post by Barubi, here is #1 in the series.

Apparently just across the bay in Port Lincoln, you can go diving with great white sharks. I mean, who doesn't have diving with great white sharks on their bucket list?

Can't you just see me doing this?

Tillerwoman was born in Australia but surprisingly for a "right dinkum sheila" she says there is no way she is going to go diving with great white sharks while I am sailing.

Maybe this would be more her style?

Anyway, if any other Laser Masters sailors (or their wives, husbands, domestic partners, trolly dollies, boat boys or whatever) are thinking along the same lines, you can book up for your shark dives at Adventure Bay Charters.

Go for it!


Buff Staysail said...

Good on you sport! Buff says true ozzies not just dive with sharks but sail with them too! While drinking a tinny!! And standing on their head!!

Barubi said...

Only one correction Buff, a true blue Aussie wouldn't drink a tinny whilst standing on his head because the bubbles would get up his nose. Rum is the standard beverage in that circumstance.
I did once sail a Cherub single-handed, on the trapeze, with spinnaker up and smoking a cigar, but it didn't end well.

Anonymous said...

Last I heard Adelaide was out. Did that change?

Tillerman said...

Good god Anonymous. All I did was Google "Laser Masters Worlds 2017" and it came up with an announcement that the Masters Worlds would be in Adelaide in 2017. Are you telling me I can't believe what's on the Internet?

I hope that they are in Adelaide because I have already written (in my head) the next two posts in my series of 27 Reasons to go to the Laser Masters Worlds in Adelaide in 2017. And they are real beauties. You don't want to miss them.

The only consolation is that if I write enough posts about the Laser Masters Worlds in Adelaide in 2017 then it will become even more true in the Google sphere and everyone (even you) will believe it.

Tijuana Taxi said...

I sailed with one a couple weeks back at Largs Bay, near Port Adelaide, at first I thought the Dolphins around my RS Aero were just playing but when I looked until my hull the 2 metre long silver backed thingy looked nothing like a dolphin

Anonymous said...

In Kingston the Aussies were all jazzed about it being in Oz but by Florida it had fallen through. Never did hear why and don't know if it's true.

Tillerman said...

Well normally I would trust Anonymous commenters on my blog over anything I read elsewhere on the Internet. All my readers are above average in beauty, strength and knowledge about sailing.

But I am so psyched up about blogging about the Laser Masters Worlds in Adelaide in 2017 that I am going to continue doing so. Most of the stories I write on this blog are hyperbole, nonsense or pure fiction anyway. So what does it matter if the Worlds aren't going to be in Adelaide?

Anonymous said...

Well even if they are somewhere else in 2017 they will probably be in Adelaide one day so blog away.

Michael O'Brien said...

True story: while sailing in Moreton Bay Brisbane with my father in a 470, we were side-swiped by a great white that half filled the boat with water and left scratches down the side of the hull. Great place to say, by the way.

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