Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Windy RS Aero Antics - Big Sunday - Barcelona

OK. We had enough words about RS Aero sailing in yesterday's post.

Here is some video for a change.

This movie was taken from the Barcelona RS Aerocup last year. Racing was cancelled on Sunday, the final day of the regatta, due to the waves in the narrow marina entrance and steadily worsening conditions.

A few boats made it out for a play and the movie tells the story.

David Lynall GBR 1009
Hilde van Susante-Geerling NED 1175 (5 rig)
Per Christian Bordal NOR 1205
TeamRolfeJnr, Ben Rolfe GBR 1581
Peter Barton GBR 1175 (7 rig)
Antony Lynall GBR 1007

Thanks to SBG Films for the video.


Joe said...

Thanks for the video, Dear Sir. My eyes glaze over if I have to read more than a sentence. Mind you, if a video goes over a minute I fall asleep.

Tillerman said...

You are welcome Joe. I have been posting more videos lately and I was wondering whether or not this is what my readers really want. So the feedback is helpful.

I agree with you about not wanting to watch videos much longer than a minute. This one seems to hit the "sweet spot."

What do other readers think?

Anonymous said...

Well, it depends whether the video is amateur or pro. The videos I watch over and over are the 2012 Olympic Laser medal races. They are about 50 minutes long but extremely well done, at least for insiders.
Men's race Slingsby vs Kontides
The Finn medal race was great as well; the old brain doesn't remember the others...
Ladies race: some great moves by Xiu


Tillerman said...

Good feedback Wavedancer. Did you like the Radial race with the Irish commentary from the 2012 Olympics?


Unknown said...

I like your writing as well as your videos. i especially like the regatta reports and similar longer humorous writings. I even like seeing pics of your grandkids. The only piece I don't like is when you ask me to guess what you ate, but I suspect that's an inside joke.?. Keep up the good work.

Tillerman said...

Thanks Ben. Glad to know that at least one reader appreciates (a) my weird sense of humor and (b) my longer pieces of writing. I was actually sorta kinda composing a longer piece in my head while I was out sailing today.

I'm not sure how the "guess what Tillerwoman had for dinner" meme got started. So I will blame Baydog. He was probably involved in some capacity!

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