Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Reasons to go to 2017 Laser Masters Worlds - #2 Pie Floaters

Doesn't that look delicious?

It does indeed.

But what is it, Tillerman?

That, my friend is a "pie floater."

According to Wikipedia (which is never wrong) the pie floater is an Australian dish particularly common in Adelaide. It commonly consists of a traditional Australian-style meat pie, usually sitting, but sometimes submerged (sometimes upside down) in a bowl of thick pea soup. It is usually garnished with tomato sauce.

Apparently Anthony Bourdain, Billy Connolly and Joe Cocker are high profile fans of the pie floater.

Well, Joe Cocker was a big fan of pie floaters before he died a couple of years ago. As far as I know nobody ever conclusively proved a connection between Mr. Cocker's death and his consumption of pie floaters.

The pie floater in the photo at the top of this post is from Vili's Café in Adelaide, Australia. (How did you guess?)

And when I go to the 2017 Laser Masters Worlds in Adelaide I am definitely going to Vili's Café to enjoy a pie floater.

Can you believe it? Some of the Anonymous commenters on my blog have been casting doubts on my assertion that the 2017 Laser Masters Worlds will be in Adelaide.

How dare they?

Do I question your faith?


Skippy said...

My funniest story of cooking was asking for Molassas in Port Gambier, Australia. No such thing except for horses.
You should go!

Jim Katz said...

The Pea and Pie Floater (The best have a layer of Mushy Peas AND a generous lake of gravy) has a rival for the worst possible deadly food: Quebec's own Poutine - that obscene mixture of french fries, half melted cheese curds and hot gravy. And France itself is not far behind with its baguette bread loaf stuffed with french fries and sauce which is called - wait for it - an American Sandwich!

Tillerman said...

Jim - I have never done a Masters Worlds in Quebec or France. But it sounds as if both places have the culinary distinction to pull it off.

Unknown said...

Used to be that the pie-carts would park in Adelaide city at night time on the weekend. You could get a pie floater late at night outside the Adelaide Railway Station. I think the other parked near the General Post office). And at that time of night in Adelaide, a pie floater was about all you could get. Now that little old Adelaide has modernised a bit, there are more places open for a bite late on a weekend.

I can also highly recommend the Greek style Yiros, but the best in the CBD are in Hindley St, cooked over char coal rotisseries.

For something to rival the Poutine, head to North Adelaide and look up the 'Red and White Cafe' or 'Blue and White Cafe'. I've always assumed there's some long term rivalry involved there. Anyway ask for an 'AB'. It's a serving of both Yiros meats (lamb and chicken) mixed with hot chips and 3 sauces (tomato, and tzatziki (garlic), then either BBQ or sweet chili). You can and should add the bacon, onion and cheese. It's all wrapped in paper. To eat it, you have to cut a slit in the paper and then scoop it all out with a fork. AB is said to stand for "abortion", 'cause it comes out of its wrapper pretty darn messy.

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