Saturday, April 16, 2016

Top 5 Technical Tips For Racing Success

Never mind all that stuff about weather forecasts and strategy and tactics and fitness and mental attitude and boat-handling...

All that stuff is really hard.

Here are five simple technical tips for racing success from Peter Bentley, the Technical Projects Manager for the British Sailing Team.

Everyone can do these things...

What do you think?

Do you do these five things?

If you don't, which one do you think would most improve your racing performance?


R W Rawles said...

Lest you forget:

Keep Reaching said...

Good suggestions. The toughest one is new sails for every regatta - probably the thing which would most perform my performance (assuming anything can) - but my budget (not to mention certain a dearly beloved loved one) will gasp (or worse) at that request.
And, I confess I have a few unmended dings on my foils - but I intend to fix them. OK, maybe a few scratches on the hull also - which I also intend to fix. Hmm, my intention list is starting to look pretty long.
Spare parts - yes an eclectic mix of shackles, bolts, split pins, and other treasures lurking at the bottom of a big bag - plus some odd pieces or rope, cable ties and duct tape.
I may not be ready for the GBR Olympic squad.

Barubi said...

Paul Elvstrøm's Olympic trials preparations went as far as knocking off the larger rust patches from his Finn's centreboard. Apparently team GBR needs more professional technical assistance.
Looking after your gear and performing routine maintenance is one thing; a new sail for every regatta is a level to which I do not aspire.

Tillerman said...

Good points KR and Barubi. I don't think many of us are going to be buying new sails for every regatta.

But it's a bit like that old story about the two hikers meeting a bear in the woods. To save your life you don't need to run faster than the bear; you just need to run faster than the other hiker.

Likewise, if you are just sailing regular local regattas, you just need to have a sail that is no more worn out than those of the competitors you are trying to beat.

I posted this video partly because although all these tips are actually easy to do, I am really bad at all that stuff. This year will be different. Yeah, right.

Barubi said...

My Laser has been put to bed for winter. You brought maintenance to my attention.
I can do this little fairing job without gloves. I now have epoxy filler fingerprints on my computer mouse.
Good intentions have their consequences.

Tillerman said...

Great story Barubi. That's exactly the kind of thing I would do. Which is probably why I never really get around to boat maintenance until something is really broke,

Maybe we should have a group writing project. Boat Maintenance Mistakes I Have Made And You Can Avoid.

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