Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Essential Sailing Equipment

Some people have an image of what their perfect boat needs to have. These people write blogs like Adrift at Sea and Shoestring Budget.

Following a discussion on EVK4's comment page yesterday, I have decided that the only essential item on my perfect boat is this hand-powered blender.

No wind? No power? No problems.



Carol Anne said...

Now, if you want to churn out the margaritas in industrial quantities, there's the gasoline-powered blender that uses the same motor as a small chainsaw.

But that's really more for the people with the big turbocharged power boats (you know, the ones out to catch the really FAST bass). There just seems to be something gentle and poetic and ever so suited to sailboats to have a hand-cranked blender.

Tillerman said...

Exactly. Poetry.

Anonymous said...

But Tillerman, where are you going to get your ice?

Tillerman said...

Geeze Dan - do you have to be so practical? Let me have my dreams.

EVK4 said...

Hell, keep the thing sealed well and use it for masthead flotation in between margaritas.

As to ice, what's the temperature out there right now?

Tillerman said...

Hey - that's cruel Edward. I could use the ice from the edge of the lake in my margaritas!

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