Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sailing Nutrition

What you have for breakfast prior to a day of sailing will have a real impact on your performance and your enjoyment of the day. The goal of your pre-sailing diet should be to optimize fuel stores and hydration levels while relaxing your mind; sailing will provide plenty of excitement and stress so you need a nutritious vitamin-packed breakfast that will loosen you up for the challenges to come. Thankfully it is possible to meet all these needs in one easily digestible liquid meal.

Mimosa Recipe
2 oz orange juice

Pour orange juice into a Collins glass over two ice cubes. Fill with chilled champagne, stir very gently, and serve.

Do not forget that as the day progresses your energy stores can become depleted. The provision of additional sustenance at lunchtime is essential if you are to minimize the performance-sapping effects of fatigue. Psychologically at lunchtime you will need something refreshing and cooling. Once again modern sports nutrition technology has delivered the perfect mid-day liquid supplement.

Margarita Recipe
8 oz tequila
2 oz triple sec
6 oz limeade frozen concentrate
Juice of one fresh lemon
2 cups ice

Put ingredients in blender

At the end of a hard day's sailing it is important to refuel and rehydrate your muscles before the next day. The choice of fluid may vary with individual preferences but Tillerman recommends this recipe from our sailing friends in Bermuda.

Dark and Stormy Recipe
2 oz Gosling's Black Seal Rum
8 oz ginger beer

Pour rum over ice, add ginger ale and stir


Anonymous said...

I see you're preferring a liquid diet. :D This is where the need for a blender becomes obvious.

Carol Anne said...

At Five O'Clock Somewhere, we serve Jimmy Buffett's margarita recipe and my dad's Manhattan. I'm still hunting for Alan Jackson's hurricane, but I've found a couple of other good recipes. There's a new one invented by a displaced New Orleans bartender that he calls a Katrina -- it wipes you out, then leaves you with a nasty hangover.

Tillerman said...

Hope you'll share those recipes with us on your blog carol anne,

Anonymous said...

good recipies but i cant helpp but notice that they all have some kind of alchol in. is this so you forget how badly you performed? lol or r u testing the theory that nothing like good sail to get rid of a hangover lol!

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