Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sails without calm air slidegate valves

If you go to Technorati and search for blogs tagged "sailing", the top nine or ten blogs are either (a) very little to do with sailing, (b) blatant advertising or (c) in a language other than English. Blog #3 is Treehuggin' pussy which is in German. Just for the hell of it I used Google Translate to translate it into English. As I suspected, most of it is not about sailing but there is the occasional post that is on the topic.

Such as this gem ...

Sails without calm air slidegate valves
On the desire list the book came, because I wanted to learn more over sails without engine (and because I devour all sail books anyway). Now, of it the book acts also, but only the first 50 pages (of 184). Power however nix, because thus is already discussed that engineless sails, as far as it differs from common ships. The remainder acts of crew management (an engine can be replaced partially by many hands), of training, of sails, the behavior as a crew, the behaviour as captain and spassigen conditions. The whole is told on loose spassige Seebaerart and supplemented by reports by others. Photos and designs complete the book. One marks the love for its boat and the bootsklasse generally (12-mR-Yacht) and also the fun, which he has with sails to the Skipper.

Unpleasantly only 2 things were noticeable to me: The lektorat could have been more thoroughly, errors as Standart should one simply not survey and the designs not work by a crude mixes by photo and illustration somewhat strangely. Altogether I can recommend the book from full heart and it after one day had unfortunately already read.

I guess Google still have some work to do on this tool ...

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Litoralis said...

You should see what Google Translate and BabelFish do to foreign language patents.

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