Thursday, January 05, 2006

The F Word Again

Yacht clubs are wonderful organizations for bringing together like-minded individuals for friendly enjoyment of the sport of sailing in a spirit of good sportsmanship, harmony and mutual respect. As an example, here is an email a fellow club member recently sent to the executive committee of our club ...

The tongue is like a sharp knife. It kills without drawing blood. Chinese Proverb

I no longer wish to be a member of an organization whose officers and staff condone the incomprehensible actions of a Fleet Captain who is ignorant*, slanderous,** vulgar,*** and greedy.****

*9-02-05 All-club e-mail re SUNFISH LABOR DAY CLASSIC in part stating "Entrance fee will be $5."

**9-02-05 Multi-member reply to my e-mail stating this is a no-fee event. "You're such an ASSHOLE."

***9-04-05 Sunday at the lake her response to my written proof; "Why don't you just FUCK OFF!"

****9-05-05 Bilking 25 entrants of a five dollar bill and adding it to Sunfish fleet coffers already overflowing with more than six-hundred (600.00) dollars!

(Yikes. All over five bucks and something that happened four months ago. These Sunfish sailors are scary.)


Litoralis said...

I hope the executive committee's response was something like:

"Thank you for your email. As requested you have been removed from our membership roster. Best of luck in your future sailing endeavours.
Warmest regards,
Executive Committee"

EVK4 said...

It probably was more along the lines of "

"Now that you are no longer a member, we are sending our collection agency, Brewzer and Tufgie, to immediately collect the hidden $5 fee from the past 17 fucking events in which you have sailed. This $105 damned dollars will allow the committee members to continue to live in the style to which we have grown accustomed. You owe us, you little leech, and we have the weight of the yacht club to enforce it. I wouldn't go out on the water if I were you.

Keep it real,
The Club"

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to start a new recruitment web site?
"Sailing Committe Recruitment: We are a major supplier of sailing committe members to sailing associations worldwide. Each old fart is graded according to years of service, hot air capabilities and propensity for shirking actual work. 100% guaranteed to F%^K your association up or your money back."

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