Sunday, January 22, 2006

Ten Reasons Not To Own A Sailing Boat

10. Rot

9. Scary sailors

8. Your parents will worry about you

7. You will never be satisfied with your boat

6. You will never be able to afford to buy everything the boat needs

5. Something will always need fixing on your boat

4. Fixing the head

3. Some idiot might crash into you while you're tied up at the dock and almost sink your boat

2. Some guy who's not an idiot might crash into you while you're tied up at the dock and actually sink your boat

1. Your boat will just be one more thing to fight over in the divorce


Anonymous said...

Ten reasons to own a boat...

10) Gives you someplace to stay when your wife is mad at you.

9) Cheapest way to travel around the world.

8) When winter starts to set in, you can sail to where it is warmer.

7) No real estate taxes on the boat.

6) If you don't like your neighbors, you can always move the boat.

5) Your parents will worry about you.

4) You have to pick and choose what you buy since space is so limited.

3) You know where you'll be spending your money.

2) You wake up to a wonderful sunrise over the ocean most mornings.

1) You can sail whenever you want to.

EVK4 said...

Wait a second, this is the same Dan from adrift at sea who posts annoying comments on my blog. Why the hell is he funny on your blog (see #10) and annoying on mine? some sort of split personality?

But since he does annoy me, I'll take exception to number 7, or at least the County of Alameda takes exception to it.

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