Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Big River

I read a lot of posts on sailing blogs every day. Some are funny; some are thought-provoking; some teach me something; some even inspire me. And a lot are pretty mundane.

Then occasionally a blogger finds a subject that stimulates their own creativity to a whole new level and they write a jewel of a post that gives the reader whole new insights into their world. Such a post as the one that Pat, of Desert Sea - New Mexico Sailing, submitted for Captain JP's World Rivers blogging challenge this week.

It's all about Pat's early life growing up by the side of the Rio Grande, and his life today a thousand miles upstream on the same river. A very special post...

Baja y alta, un rio, dos republicas, dos capitulos de vida

Don't worry. The rest of the post is in English!


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Pat said...

It's time for me to blush bright red. Many thanks for the very kind words.

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