Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cheat the Chiropractor - Get High on Your Laser

Thanks to everyone who kindly suggested remedies for my recent back injury. Given the title of that post, Little Weed, I guess it's not surprising that a couple of commenters suggested that "a little weed" might indeed provide some relief for my condition.

Hmmm. I suppose it might work. And, as chance would have it, I do have the good fortune to live in one of the US states where medical marijuana is legal. On the other hand, it does not appear that "painkiller for lower back injury sustained doing light gardening in order that patient may go Laser sailing" is yet on the list of conditions for which a prescription of cannabis is approved.

I might have to lie to my doctor to obtain the weed.

According to Wikipedia (which is never wrong) cannabis has been found to be helpful for patients suffering from a variety of conditions including "alcohol abuse" and "obsessive compulsive disorder". Hmmm. Maybe I could fake alcohol abuse or OCD... or both?

No wait. I don't need to fake anything. There are several members of my family who would probably come with me to the doctor and confirm that I am indeed suffering from both of those two conditions.

Sounds like a plan.

So if you are a member of the Newport Laser Frostbite Fleet and, when the season starts in a few weeks, you see this old geezer in the corner of the boat park at Sail Newport furtively smoking a joint, do not call the cops.

It's legal.

It's for my back.

My doctor says it's OK.


O Docker said...

I'm taking notes here.

So someone leaves a comment on one post (who was that, anyway?) and you turn the comment into a new post?

If you keep doing that, you never need to come up with any new ideas for posts. Why didn't I think of that?

Zen said...

Big-O , yeah sometimes even the Godfather has bloggers block

Carol Anne said...

Here's a reason you and Tillerwoman -- maestra gardener -- should move to New Mexico: This is the only state in the union where patients can get a license from the state to grow their own.

Anonymous said...

Be well. Yes, yard work is far more dangerous than sailing. That's how I sprained my wrist recenty - damned hedge trimmer.

I'm sure you'll find relief for this temporary condition. If it goes on too long, look up "Bowen Therapy" and give it a try. I cured me of a years long bout of sciatica in only 3 sessions.

Anonymous said...

The real issue with medical weed is the quantity.
Unlike Aspirin which the Doctor says take three pills every day, for 5 days (example), they do not know what quantity to prescribe to Laser back pains.
As much as many of us are happy to have a legal way to go around the marks with the help of a controlled substance, it should be done with extreme care. In Jamaica for example you can see "sailors" miss the marks completely.

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