Thursday, September 10, 2009


Last night on TV I watched Derek Jeter tie Lou Gehrig's long-standing record for the most career hits in New York Yankees team history. Even the players on the opposing team, the Tampa Bay Rays, applauded him.

I also watched the President of the United States address a joint session of Congress. In the middle of his speech some idiot congressman shouted out, "You Lie!"

Maybe Congress could learn something about respect from baseball?


jbushkey said...

Maybe we need MORE of this in politics. It would be great if instead of giving them respect for holding a title they had to earn it by representing the people instead of corporate America. I lean pretty far left, but so far I am not impressed by the work of George Bush III.

Where is the change?

How come he was for single payer health care several years ago and now it is not even allowed to be discussed?

Why are we still spending money on war when the country is on the verge of bankruptcy?

How come we are still bailing out corporations that are "too large to fail" and not breaking them into smaller companies to avoid this BS in the future?

Where will the investigations into the wall street crooks start and the six figure WELFARE bonuses they get stop?

WELFARE = money the government gives you that you didn't earn so let's call it like it is with these scumbags

Sam Chapin said...

Sometimes when you drive the Bus you find out that steering, speeding up, braking, and getting the passengers on and off is a lot harder than when you are just a passenger.

Unknown said...

So the Dixi Chicks said they were embarrassed to be from Texas, and all hell broke lose. Radio stations wouldn't play them, stores refused to sell their albums, and Hannity, O'Reilly etc called it a national disgrace.
These same people now applaud a birther congressman who screams "YOU LIE" during a Presidential speech.

Go figure.

jbushkey said...


You should have figured out that most of those "journalists" tow the party line. The news was hijacked by corporate America and now contains a lot of spin, regardless of which channel your watching.

In case anyone is wondering I am ticked off by what has been going on in this country the past few years.

Unknown said...

"Channel you're watching"???

That is the problem right there.
In the summer months I have no TV or computer access on the boat. It is amazing how much better informed I become simply by reading instead of following the daily horse race on cable TV and creepy websites.

PeconicPuffin said...

We surely need more intelligent debate and challenging of the powers that be in politics, but that isn't what happened here. If Mr. Wilson had been on the record as denouncing the birther clowns, and had explained to his constituency that of course there aren't death panels but there are serious concerns about the proposed health care changes, and THEN called the President a liar, it would be quite a different situation.

The Republican Party (which I used to support) is in its behaviour and support of absurd arguments, a disgrace to what it once was. The next conservative politician who will really "break through" is going to be the one who says "we've become a joke."

Tillerman said...

Well said Puffin.

There clearly is a legitimate issue to debate about the access of illegal immigrants to healthcare. Even if the final bill says that illegals are not eligible for federal aid in buying health insurance, or even not allowed to buy private health insurance at all in the proposed exchange, there is still the issue of how you enforce those rules.

If Mr. Wilson is concerned about this topic it would be good to hear some constructive ideas from him on how to do that enforcement. Shouting insults at the President of the United States on such a solemn occasion does nothing but bring shame on himself, his party and his state.