Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Picture Contest

I found this photo on a sailing blog yesterday. Where was it taken?

Prize for the first correct answer - 5% discount off the price of the fabulous amazing awesome Proper Course: The Laser Experience!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Sorry for the double post.

The location looks just too good to be 'real'. Is it an amusement park somewhere?

Carol Anne said...

Adding up clues ...

Boats: The big sailing vessel in the foreground is probably a schooner; the one mast visible in the photo is too far forward to be the only mast on a boat that large, and also, it's so far forward that the other mast (or possibly masts) is likely to be taller. The rigging I can see indicates a gaff sail, and the boat appears to be of wood. The other two sailboats in the photo are catboats, also of older design. This is a place where sailing heritage is valued and preserved.

Geology: The gray color and rounded shapes of the rocks lead me to believe they are granite, and that they have resisted eons of elements trying to break them down. The waterway is relatively narrow and yet deep enough to accommodate the schooner, which indicates glaciation in the most recent Ice Age. It seems probable that this is somewhere fairly far north -- although New Zealand can't be ruled out.

Vegetation: I see no tropical plants, and the trees and bushes I see would indicate a cooler temperate zone.

Lighthouse: Each individual lighthouse has its own paint scheme and layout, but I'm not going to cheat by Googling lighthouse pictures to identify this one. I will let some lighthouse buff who actually knows this lighthouse claim the prize.

BUT I'm going to take a guess at the location anyway. I'm thinking Maine, maybe somewhere around Penobscot.

Litoralis said...

All I know is that it's not West Quoddy Head Light.

Anonymous said...

Head harbour Campabello Island

Tillerman said...

Litoralis is correct. It is indeed NOT West Quoddy Head Light. Isn't there some joke about someone who gives a technically correct but totally useless answer? Can't remember if the joke was about mathematicians, lawyers or Microsoft Technical Support.

Anonymous is wrong too. It is not Head harbour Campabello Island.

I like Carol Anne's deductive skills. Some of her reasoning is correct and she will laugh at how wrong some of it is when she knows the right answer. It does look a bit like Maine, I agree, but it's not Maine.

O Docker said...

If we're eliminating places, it's not Paramus, New Jersey. And anyplace in Nebraska is out, too.

I did read there are only two lighthouses in the US with horizontal red stripes and this isn't either of them. But the Canadians like horizontal stripes and red to contrast with the snow. So, maybe Nova Scotia, as you said you got this from a sailing blog recently and the Laser Master Worlds just wrapped up there.

But, Tillerman being Tillerman, this is probably a trick question and these are scale models at some miniature golf course.

Tillerman said...

Not Nova Scotia.

Not a miniature golf course.

Of course it's a trick question. Is there any other kind?

Dan said...

It is definatly NOT anywhere on the west coast either. The rock formations are not the Pacific NW style. Nor are the boats found in the NW in that number.

Tillerman said...

Quite right Dan. It's not on the west coast of the US.

Actually our first comment from oldbeamer was nearer to the correct answer than any of the later ones. The picture is of Cape Cod. But not the Cape Cod in Massachusetts. It's of the "Cape Cod" at Tokyo DisneySea which is a companion park of Tokyo Disneyland.

I found the picture on Sweet Bluesette, which is mainly about sailing a Lido 14 in Japan.

Litoralis said...

Ah, I was starting to think the photo was fake in some way.

Dan said...

Well, now that is interesting! All the time that I spent in Japan, I never went to Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo Disney Sea. I always thought it would be too "touristy" and there were so many other things to see and do.

Well, now I wished I had gone there. And since I doubt I will ever go back to Japan, I will probably never see Tokyo Disneyland. Now if I return to work as a contractor.....Hmmm.

Fred said...

Do not know, but a great location anyway. One day, you know, I am going cruising and I will find it.
Thanks Tillerman, for always entertaining us.

Carol Anne said...

I did sort of wonder about the placement of the lighthouse. The harbor was soooooo calm, so it wasn't getting much of any wave action from the ocean, and the lighthouse was on the backside of it. I figured it was a hook-shaped inlet, and the lighthouse's main function was facing the other way.

BTW, that big boat -- WAS it a schooner, or was that another piece of artificial atmosphere?

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