Friday, September 11, 2009


It is eight years since September 11 2001. I suspect none of us will ever forget that day.

That summer I had helped teach junior sailing classes at our small lake-based sailing club in Mountain Lakes, N.J. Two families with kids in that program lost parents in the World Trade Center. Here is an extract from the In Memoriam Online Network tribute to one of those parents, Alayne Gentul.

Asked about treasured moments, her husband offers two, years apart.

"We loved the ocean. Our first kiss was on the beach on Wildwood, N.J. It was a beautiful moonlit night, full moon, and thousands of horseshoe crabs were coming up on the beach to lay their eggs. "

"Our son is part of a group of junior Sunfish sailors and a few weeks ago, they had a junior moonlight race. A bunch of kids gathered with boats, some decorated with little glow lights, in this beautiful, still, moonlit night. We had this feeling, in this excruciating slow race, of something of incredible beauty. One of those times in life you'll remember."

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