Friday, October 16, 2009

Even More Less is More (or Less)

I wasn't sure how my readers would respond to the topic of Less is More for a group writing project. Would anybody else find it interesting enough to bother writing a post on that theme? I needn't have worried. We've had a great response so far, including six more posts today...

Firstly we have another Laser freak like me who has let his enthusiasm for the boat take him to a whole new extreme of minimalist blogging. Sam Chapin offers LASER TWO WORD STUFF.

Then we had Susie Pegel's Star and Laser Comparison which makes a pretty convincing case for the 'Less is More' movement.

Having rubbished the Laser in his first submission, Earwigoagin comes around the course on his second lap and takes a whack at the Sunfish too in Less is More; The Sunfish...... Not!

Jos of Look to Windward attacks the issue in LTW on 'Less is More', with a great example of 'Less is More' from the Racing Rules. But he doesn't want you to read his post. Do not go there. And if you do go there, he begs you not to look up the Rule he has in mind. You have been warned.

Half the time I have no idea what Greg and Kris are talking about. Is ahem something to do with 'Less is More'? It's certainly about less sailing and less blogging. But where is the 'more'? 'Down with this sort of thing,' I say.

Finally, Pat says if less is more..., then his kayak certainly fits the bill. Nice one. What can beat a kayak as the ultimate example of minimalist boating? Isn't anyone going to put in a good word for surfing or stand-up paddling?

The project will remain open until midnight on Monday October 19.
Full instructions on how to participate at Less is More.

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